Tampa Bay Area Office

Les Clausen, FCLA

PO Box 8132

Longboat Key, FL 34228


Phone: 402-730-5188

Fax: 205-979-3611


Email: coochadjusterles@gmail.com

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Fax:     888-501-3122


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Birmingham, AL Office

John Cucinotta:

P) 205-979-3611

E) coochadj@bellsouth.net


Tampa Bay Area Office (Florida)

Les Clausen, FCLA

P) 402-730-5188

E) coochadjusterles@gmail.com


Mobile, AL / Florida Panhandle Office

J.D. Cox & Jill (Cucinotta) Cox:

P) 205-837-5470

E) coochadj@bellsouth.net


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